Writers for Richard: Helping a Friend in Need

Sometimes, it's time to help one of our own.

This is that time.

Writer and blogger Richard Levangie is having neurosurgery today. He has suffered for years with debilitating migraines and eventually was diagnosed with a pituitary tumor.

We wish him all the best for a successful surgery and a swift recovery.

It is not enough.

Years of illness have been devastating financially for Richard. This surgery and the months off of work will be crippling for him financially. That's where we, the blogging/writing community comes in.

We have created an anthology of stories, poems, and essays to benefit Richard. Facing the Sun: An Anthology of Short Works.  Make a donation, in any amount, and get an e-copy of the anthology.

Richard has given a lot to the writing community. Please help us give back.

You can find more information, and make a donation here.*

On behalf of all who contributed to this project, we thank you.

*Please note: Richard came through surgery just fine. As he is now home and doing well, the project has been moved to his blog: http://richardlevangie.com/blog/


  1. And I will add (since she didn't), that Ms. Zobair has a story in the anthology that everyone should read!

  2. And I will add (since she didn't) that Ms. Wendy has a story in the anthology too!

    You did gud, Jaz.

  3. And I will add (since he didn't) that Sir Stephen has a story in there too that everyone should read.

  4. And I will add that Aniket has a story in there, too, that everyone should read!

    Thanks, guys! I think we've all done gud. It's been great to work with you on this. You are all peaches. (But don't tell Steve, because he thinks he's the only one.)

  5. Richard, you are more than welcome. We wish you all the best in your recovery!