She wore what?

"She" as in the characters in the novel.  But also as in the author, who did not wear white to her wedding. (First rule of Pakistani weddings:  There will be color.  And not just for the guests.)

The Basics

gharara:  A stunning outfit that requires an impossibly large amount of fabric.  The top is usually fitted and hits the upper thigh.  The bottom consists of two wide legs which flare at the knees, giving the appearance of a full skirt.  Bridal wear, and often wedding-attendee wear as well.

lengha: A fitted top and narrow skirt.  Much easier to walk in than a gharara.

salwar kameezEveryday wear when made of cotton or simple silk.   The shirt is long, usually to the knees.  The pants are loose.   Can be formal as well, depending on the fabric and bead work or embroidery.

dupattaA long scarf worn either over both shoulders, hanging down the back , or over one shoulder like a sash.  Often slippery; safety pins become small miracles.